01012017 - Things Are Gonna Change

I'm posting this today, January 2 but it was the first drawing of my daily drawing project for 2017. I just remembered I had a blog (oops) so that's the reason for the late post. I'll be better about it in the future. So for today, I'll end up posting another drawing as well. I'm really hoping this project will help me figure out some things. I've become really bogged down with...well, I don't know exactly - maybe the...details?

Every time I pick up a pencil I freeze up and start overthinking what it is that I'm drawing...for. Having a purpose for everything you draw becomes really exhausting. Is it for kids?, what style?, do I have a style?, do I hate myself today?, am I creating this to sell online, is this a stencil, should it have a dark black outline, is this a happy drawing?, am I working on my hand-lettering?, am I an illustrator, can I ever learn to draw?, etc....it's never ending.

So in short I hope I can get past this stuff and figure out what it is that I do...as a whole. I may never. 

Cheers to a new year.